Photographic portrait of Kate Beaugié

Kate Beaugié

British, B. Dover 1975

Kate Beaugié’s work is an investigation into the sublime character of natural phenomena. She employs the physical manifestations of the elemental; including the phenomena from water, fire, sound waves, silver (gelatin), light and the resulting shadow

A main subject being explored by the artist is our primal, human experience of the cycles of the sun's light and other cycles found in nature. She attempts to display the phenomena of nature directly, providing a form of truth. This is achieved by using actual light or other natural forces directly in the making of the work. The transient nature of life is also being considered; often expressed by the use of blossom as a metaphor for this truth.

Kate studied sculpture at Glasgow School of Art in the late 90s. It was being in the more northern latitude of Scotland that she had the realisation that the variation of a person's location on planet Earth, specifically their latitude, alters their amount of light exposure from the sun. The term light sculptor or light artist was adopted from this realisation, as a description to her practice and as a way of describing her manipulation of light and dark in space through multi-disciplinary mediums

The contrast between states has been a continued theme in her artistic exploration, including the relationship between the geometric and the naturalistic curve, perhaps representing the human being’s relationship to nature, mechanism as opposed to natural flow or even seen as order versus chaos. Finding balance between two or more forces is her perpetual task.

Influences include Japanese and Chinese culture, especially Zen and Taoist philosophy. In 2001, Kate took a train overland from the UK to China and onto Japan, chasing the cherry blossoms. This experience inspired her obsession with everything Japanese. It is also possible that spending her formative time in the Mackintosh Building of the Glasgow School of Art introduced the square motif into her visual language, which Kate extended into the cube, as a 3D receptacle of light. 

Her practice also combines with sound and music to form curated Music & Light Symbiotic Events. These events have included working and collaborating with a series of internationally renowned classical musicians and placing them and their music into specific light and water installations, to create a symbiotic happening for the experiencer.

For example, in the project APPLIED PURE, she introduced the harpsichordist Medea Bindewald playing JS Bach as well as other composers, to the mathematicians at the University of Oxford, whilst they watched live water projections around her. In another project BEETHOVEN ON THE BEACH, Kate placed the Sacconi Quartet directly onto the beach in Folkestone and crowds listened to them play Beethoven’s Opus 131, whilst the tide rose and the turn of the earth was recorded by a simple chalk line drawn by the artist.

Kate’s work can be seen in the permanent collections of VAULT 100 at The Ned in London, curated by Kate Bryan, which includes 92 of leading British female artists and at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford as well as the Hampshire County Council’s Contemporary Art Collection.



MA Fine Art, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury.

MA Research Fine Art/Entrepreneurialism in the Creative Industries, UWE, Bristol.

BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, Glasgow School of Art.

An artwork in the Mathematical Institute’s Permanent Art Collection, University of Oxford, curated by Balázs Szendrői.

An artwork in Vault 100, The Vault, The Ned, Princes Street, London. Permanent collection of 92 female and 8 male British artists, inverting the trend of the FTSE100. Curated by Kate Bryan, selected by Nico Kos Earle.

An artwork in the Hampshire County Council Contemporary Art Collection. Curated by Kirsty Nutbeen.

In the catalogue Artists for Blue, 2019 for Blue Marine Foundation by Andrea Hamilton.

In the Publication Surface, 2018 by Nico Kos and JGM Gallery, London.

Arts Council England DYCP full grant.

Arts Council England DYCP full grant.

Sacconi Quartet, Folkestone, Kent.

The Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.

Art in The Park | Kearsney Interpreted, Kearsney Abbey, Dover, Kent. 
21st December 2015 – 21st June 2016

The Wealden Literary Festival, Woodchurch, Kent.
June 2014

The Forest Studio, Stour Valley Arts, Kings Wood, Challock, Kent. 
March 2013

The Art Shack, Romney Marsh Visitor Centre, Kent.

Illumination. Group exhibition of 28 artists. Curated by Melanie King, Sarah Rose & Sophie Sherwood. Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. 20th to 24th April 2024.

Dwelling of the Imagination
Group exhibition; Aitch - Fabio Almeida - Paul Atkins - Grace Ayson - Kate Beaugié - Sasha Bowles – Drew Edwards - Claire Pestaille - Bob and Roberta Smith - Jessica Voorsanger - Julie Westbury. Curated by Laurent Delayes and Clare Bradley, Laurent Delaye GalleryRamsgate. 29 February - 21 April 2024

Equinox Kate Beaugié & Cathy Rogers. Curated by Laurent Delayes and Clare Bradley, Laurent Delaye GalleryRamsgate. 18th March – 9th April 2023.

Beethoven on the Beach Revisited. Curated by Kate Beaugié. A light & sound installation including work by Mick Williamson, Matt Rowe, Ewan Golder, Nathan Eaton-Baudains (mistereb), Andy Thomas-Emans, Hanna Muck, Dave James Horn & Lennox Morrison in the large spaces at The Grand, Folkestone, Kent. 19th - 22nd May 2022.

Black Light | White Light solo. (COVID-19 safe) window exhibition at Space 7 Gallery Folkestone, Kent UK. 11th September 2020 – 7th October 2020.

Take Up Space. Exhibition Curated by Nico Dunsbee and Aida Silvestri. 26th February – Sun 1st March 2020. The Take Up Space exhibition was a group show, showcasing some of the best of Folkestone female, non-binary and trans artists.

Applied Pure. Solo show in The Andrew Wiles Building, The Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. 18th November 2019 – 6th December 2019.

Blue, Andrea Hamilton Studio, 68 Kinnerton Street, London SW1X 8ER. 37 International artists curated by Nico Kos Earle to support the Blue Marine Foundation. 4th November 2019 – 12th December 2019.

River Song, solo show at the River Garage Studio, Sunday 14th October 2018.

Surface, JGM Gallery, 24 Howie Street, London SW11 4AY, curated by Nico Kos, 7th June – 21st July 2018

Reflections on the Landscape: Against the Tide, River Garage Studio, Dover, CT17 0RB, curated by Joseph Black and Louise Webb, 24th & 25th February 2018.

Cheriton Light Festival 2018, All Souls Church, Cheriton, Folkestone, curated by Strange Cargo, Sat 24 & Sun 25th February 2018.

Recollective, Brew, Folkestone, Kent, group exhibition, curated by Karen Pamlin Browne, Thurs 1st Feb – Sat 10th Mar 2018

Kate Beaugie | Art Sale at Home, Augusta Gardens, Folkestone, Kent, November 2017

Brink. Brew, Folkestone Fringe, Folkestone Triennial, a group exhibition featuring Anette Bjorholm, Sue Bridge, Diana Harrison, Jeni Johnson, Luke Jones, Helen Lindon, Clare Smith, John Wiltshire. Curated by Karen Pamlin-Browne, September – October 2017.

Vault 100 the Ned Art Collection, London. A permanent collection featuring 100 artists, including 92 top British female artists. Curated by Kate Bryan, selected by Nico Kos Earle.

Outside the Lines, Brew, Folkestone, group exhibition featuring Luke Jones, Susan McKenna, Helen Lee, Clare Smith, Kate Beaugié, John Wiltshire, Tania McCormack. Curated by Karen Pamlin Browne, December 2016.

Winter Open Studio & Exhibition, Dover Studio. A group exhibition featuring Kate Beaugié’s performance piece “Requiem”. Curated by Kate Beaugié, Louisa Love and Clare Smith, November 2016.

Dover Studio Summer Exhibition, Dover Studio, group exhibition and open studio. Curated by Kate Beaugié and Louisa Love, July 2016.

Light & Dark | Nature & PlaceThe Wealden Literary Festival, Kent. Art residency and solo art exhibition, 21st Dec 2015 – 21st June 2016.

Texture Narratives, Viking Gallery, Margate. Group show curated by Ivana Blasko, June 2016.

Interactions | Summer Solstice 2015, UCA Project Space – The Brewery Tap, Folkestone, Kent Collaborative exhibition with Marcelo de Melo, June 2015.

Deep East Winter Exhibition, Mayor’s Parlour Gallery, London. Group show curated by Gillian Westgate, January 2015.

Residency in The Forest Studio, with Stour Valley Arts in Kings Wood, Challock, Kent. May – June 2014.

The Shape of Things to Come, Stour Valley Arts pop-up gallery, Ashford, Kent, Group show of artists with residencies in the Forest Studio, Kings Wood, Kent. Curated by Dan Howard-Birt, April 2014.

Artist in Residence at The Art Shack, Romney Marsh Visitor Center. April 2013.

Poetry Projections and Performance, Googies Art Café, Folkestone, Kent. Curated by Sharon McCarron, March 2013.

The General Medium, Crate, Margate, Kent. Group show: Kate Beaugié, Jack Coulson, Jim Heeley, Katy Higgins, Siobhan McGhee, Charley Vines, Hannah Weatherhead. Curated by Claire Scott, November 2012.

25° Ma Fine Art Degree Show, 2012, UCA, Canterbury, Kent. Curated by Dr. Terry Perk, September 2012.

Curious/Dubious, Limbo, Margate, Kent. Group show: Aine Belton, Kate Beaugié, Clare Beattie, Cassandra Beckley, James Collins, Yvonne Luk and Sam Sultana. Co-curated by Claire Scott and Hannah Weatherhead, March 2012.

Unfold, The Pie Factory, Margate, Kent. Curated by Dr. Terry Perk, 5 – 15 November 2011.

Art in the Romney Marsh, All Saints Church, Lydd, Kent. Curated by Jonathan Wright, September 2011.

The International Lighthouse Relay
, The Bank, Folkestone, Kent. Collaborative work between Juan José Calarco and Kate Beaugié, Folkestone Fringe/ Folkestone Triennial 2011. Curated by Diane Dever, August 2011.

Camera Obscura Refined, Studio 8, 14 Tontine Street, Folkestone. Solo Installation, Folkestone Fringe/ Folkestone Triennial 2011.

Elemental, Georges House Gallery, Folkestone. Kate Beaugié and Nick Hughes, April 2010.

Life Between Light and Dark, Muse Gallery, London. Kate Beaugié and Jesse Merton-Richards, April 2007.

Kate Beaugié, Howard and Coleman, Marlborough, Wiltshire. Solo Show

Insight, New Greenham Arts, Newbury, Berks. Curated by David Jones

Pour Plusieurs Raisons, The Exchange, Newbury, Berks. Curated By Lou Spence.

Connections, Popperwells, Hungerford, Berks. Group show. Curated by Kate Beaugié and David Jones.

Group of 7, The Mount House Gallery, Marlborough, Wiltshire. Curated by Vincent Stokes.

The Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London. Group show. Selected by Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times Art Critic.

Hanami: Flower Viewing in Japan. The Lloyd Jerome Gallery, Glasgow. Solo Show, May 2002.

Winter Paintings, Manor Farm Barn, Ashford, Kent. Kate Beaugié and Charles Newington, December 2000.

Liquid, Free Gallery, Glasgow. Solo show, August 2000.

Degree Show. Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art, June 2000.