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Applied Pure: photogram of hand in developer

Tempo Adagio

A 16 mm music film (as appose to a music video) of the Sacconi Quartet playing Beethoven's String Quartet no. 14 in C♯ minor, Opus 131 | Movement 1: ‘Adagio ma non troppo e molto espressivo’.

Tempo Adagio film still shows a solarised image of a violinist playing
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Mid-Winter Song

A short 16mm film, reflecting on beginnings and endings, using Schubert's ‘Die Winterreise’ piece ‘Der Leiermann’ as initial inspiration.

Grainy image taken form 16mm colour footage of bird's footprints in deep snow
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Applied Pure Film

A six minute artistic documentary film, made by Ewan Golder, about the live water and music event "Applied Pure at the MI | Music & Light Symbiosis No. 3"

Film still shows concentric circle ripples on water suface
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River Song Film

A documentary film about the live water and music event "River Song | Music & Light Symbiosis No. 2" 2018

Man playing a cello to the left, another man crouching down with his hand in large square pool of water, with reflected patterns of the pool projected onto the top right of the image, showing beautiful patterns of light off the water.
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Open Mind

Kate laced together photographic stills taken of a burnt cube of oak.  The idea was that the aperture of the camera was fully opened at the beginning of the film and each time the aperture was shut one stop, a shot was taken until there is no light entering the camera. Then it bursts back […]

Open Mind film still shows a burnt cube of oak
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Haiku Film Series

A series of five 17 second films, made replacing the defining 17 syllables of the haiku with 17 seconds of footage. 

Haiku No. 1, Smoke film still shows a flume of smoke swirling upwards
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Spring | East | 8mm Film

8mm film | cini film Made for Art in the Romney Marsh in 2011, Spring | East | 8mm was shown in a small, framed screen, set on repeat, in the East of the church and was made to represent birth, the East and spring. 8mm filming and digital editing by Kate Beaugié. © Kate […]

8mm film still shows cherry blossoms on branches of a tree
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