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Applied Pure: photogram of hand in developer

Winter to Summer Series

Oil paintings on gessoed panels, painted over the course of 6 months, from January to July 2023. Trying to use minimal marks and paint to conjure the effect of fullness and space. Like Vermeer meeting Zen.

Fresh white blossom seems to explode out of the pitch dark background which is the darkest of midnight blues. The blossom seems as if it's held into place with a shiny (yet tarnished) silver vase, yet there are no stems to the branches, just petals and leaves. The vase is placed on the front right of an unfolded white fine cloth which again has no structure of a table coming form under it, but seems to float into the space.
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Held | Solar Cycle Flora Series

A series of oil paintings made in 2022 to capture or 'hold' the phases of the cycle of flowering in response to the earth's journey around the sun and the resulting seasons experienced in the UK.

Oil painting of Cherry Plum in a tarnished silver vase
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