Photo showing gold metallic disc on a square wood block stained with green paint


Georges House Gallery, Folkestone.

16th - 28th April 2010.

"Raw Roar"
Burnt spalted ash block of wood, 21ct gold leaf and gessoed wedge shaped timber structure
33" x 44" x 7" (max depth of wedge)
Side view of two rectangle panels, one on the left is burnt black, the one on the right is sprayed white
2 x wooden panels 33"x 66"
one with gesso and appliance white spray, the other burnt black
"Balance 2 | Between Heaven and Earth"
21ct gold leaf, stained vanish on gessoed plywood inlaid panel
75 x 75cms
21ct gold leaf, gesso, black lacquer, burnt plywood panels, inlaid
80 x 80cms
"Memory of the Dark"
Gold leaf, gloss paint, stained varnish gessoed, inlaid panels
25" x 15"
"Ripple Pool 2"
plywood, paint, plastic sheeting, water, ice
2m x 2m x 50cm

Elemental Light Sculpture Gallery