Applied Pure Event

Photo of Kate's hand splashing drops on water surface

Applied Pure at the MI · Music & Light Symbiosis no. 3

Photo of Kate's hand splashing drops on water surface
An immersive light, water and harpsichord concert

The Andrew Wiles Building, the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Curated by Balázs Szendrői

Created and curated by Kate Beaugié

The Concert

Lecture Theatre L3

Monday 18th November 2019, 7 - 8pm

A collaboration between light sculptor Kate Beaugié and international concert harpsichordist Medea Bindewald, combining the live, spontaneously made patterns of water and light with the sound of harpsichord music in a mathematical environment.

Documentary film APPLIED PURE made by Ewan Golder
Event poster: Applied Pure at the MI poster – Music & Light Symbiosis No.3
Event poster
Applied Pure at the Mathematical Institute programme page 1
‘Applied Pure’ programme page 1
Applied Pure at the Mathematical Institute programme page 2
‘Applied Pure’ programme page 2
“An absolutely wonderful experience. It made me feel incredibly calm and really thoughtful and made me think in a more spiritual way. Easily put into places where people are troubled.”
Madi Acharyatsh-Baskerville, 2019
“It is not simply the perfection and brilliance of her playing that is charming, but also the extraordinary intensity with which the music resonates.”
Aalener Kulturjournal
“It was mesmeric; I was drawn into a different dimension. Embryonic. Fluid. Light and dark. Transformation. Stretching of time. Elastic.”
Casper Henderson, 2019

Kate would like to thank all the sponsors, especially the Arts Council England for their contribution in making this venture possible. She would also like to thank Anthony White, Mrs Mary Esslemont and the Tory Family Foundation for their generous financial contributions.

Thank you to all who contributed to this project: Joseph Black water sculptor & pool technician, Louisa Love documentary photographer & art installation assistant, David Alderman artist’s assistant, photographer & art installation assistant, Matt Appleby documentary filmmaker & Harry Reeves assistant filmmaker, Jane Haigh general assistant, Dyrol Lumbard events promotion, Keith Gillow technical manager, Mark Doyle technical assistance.

Thank you also to Clare Smith, Joanna Jones, Benjamin Hunt, Anna Braithwaite, Brigitte Orasinski from Strange Cargo, Mark Deller and Nico Kos Earle.

And finally; thank you so much to Prof. Balazs Szendroi, Mathematics professor at the University of Oxford and art curator, who first saw my photograms in the exhibition SURFACE in 2018 (curated by Nico Kos Earle) and invited me to exhibit.

The Exhibition

To see the exhibition, go to Applied Pure Series.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Kate's great-grandfather, Sidney Edmund Beaugié bn. August 21, 1879, who achieved a double first in Mathematics and French at the University of Oxford in the early 1900s.