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Applied Pure: photogram of hand in developer


The Laurent Delaye Gallery is delighted to present a duo exhibition, with Kate Beaugié and Cathy Rogers. 18 March - 10 April 2023 Both artists are multi-disciplinary experimental practitioners based in Kent. This exhibition focuses on their photogram works, with some selected other mediums.

View of gallery with large and small works displayed
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Applied Pure Series

A series of black and white, digitally enlarged photograms (photographic shadows), displaying the patterns of the natural phenomena found from a human's relationship with water and light.

Photographic close up of ripples in water surface emanating from a single drop
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‘Elemental’ Georges House Gallery, Folkestone. 16th - 28th April 2010. Elemental Light Sculpture Gallery

Photo showing gold metallic disc on a square wood block stained with green paint
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