Light artist

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  • Photo of water waves
  • Painting of cherry blossom petals
  • Photo of cast shadow from a cube sitting on a white surface
  • Shadow of baby in bath water with light reflection on the water surface
  • Photogram of cherry blossom petals floating on water surface and causing ripples
  • Charcoal self-portrait of Kate sitting on a low mattress
Only through experiencing the shadows, do we really begin to understand light

Recent work

Winter to Summer Series

Oil paintings on gessoed panels, painted over the course of 6 months, from January to July 2023. Trying to use minimal marks and paint to conjure the effect of fullness and space. Like Vermeer meeting Zen.

Fresh white blossom seems to explode out of the pitch dark background which is the darkest of midnight blues. The blossom seems as if it's held into place with a shiny (yet tarnished) silver vase, yet there are no stems to the branches, just petals and leaves. The vase is placed on the front right of an unfolded white fine cloth which again has no structure of a table coming form under it, but seems to float into the space.
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The Laurent Delaye Gallery is delighted to present a duo exhibition, with Kate Beaugié and Cathy Rogers. 18 March - 10 April 2023 Both artists are multi-disciplinary experimental practitioners based in Kent. This exhibition focuses on their photogram works, with some selected other mediums.

View of gallery with large and small works displayed
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Held | Solar Cycle Flora Series

A series of oil paintings made in 2022 to capture or 'hold' the phases of the cycle of flowering in response to the earth's journey around the sun and the resulting seasons experienced in the UK.

Oil painting of Cherry Plum in a tarnished silver vase
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Tempo Adagio

A 16 mm music film (as appose to a music video) of the Sacconi Quartet playing Beethoven's String Quartet no. 14 in C♯ minor, Opus 131 | Movement 1: ‘Adagio ma non troppo e molto espressivo’.

Tempo Adagio film still shows a solarised image of a violinist playing
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Beethoven on the Beach Revisited

A Light & Sound Installation curated by Kate Beaugié at The Grand in Folkestone, May 2022 The Sacconi Quartet 2021/22 artist in residence Kate Beaugié curated the event ‘Beethoven on the Beach’ which featured the Sacconi Quartet playing Beethoven’s String Quartet in C# Minor Op.131 on Folkestone’s Sunny Sands beach, October 2021. Kate invited a […]

Photo showing musicians seated underneath the archways of Sunny Sands Beach, Folkestone
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Mid-Winter Song

A short 16mm film, reflecting on beginnings and endings, using Schubert's ‘Die Winterreise’ piece ‘Der Leiermann’ as initial inspiration.

Grainy image taken form 16mm colour footage of bird's footprints in deep snow
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Beethoven on the Beach

Sacconi Quartet | artist residency 2021/22 Overview As part of the Sacconi Residency Weekend, Kate was invited to collaborate for one of the events. Kate interpreted this as an opportunity to re-contextualise the listening experience of classical music; using the acoustic nature of the medium of the quartet to its advantage by relocating the Sacconi […]

Photo of photographer taking photos under the arches of Sunny Sands Beach, Folkestone
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Applied Pure Series

A series of black and white, digitally enlarged photograms (photographic shadows), displaying the patterns of the natural phenomena found from a human's relationship with water and light.

Photographic close up of ripples in water surface emanating from a single drop
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Applied Pure Film

A six minute artistic documentary film, made by Ewan Golder, about the live water and music event "Applied Pure at the MI | Music & Light Symbiosis No. 3"

Film still shows concentric circle ripples on water suface
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Applied Pure Event

Applied Pure at the MI · Music & Light Symbiosis no. 3 An immersive light, water and harpsichord concert The Andrew Wiles Building, the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford Curated by Balázs Szendrői Created and curated by Kate Beaugié The Concert Lecture Theatre L3 Monday 18th November 2019, 7 - 8pm A collaboration between light sculptor […]

Photo of Kate's hand splashing drops on water surface
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River Song Film

A documentary film about the live water and music event "River Song | Music & Light Symbiosis No. 2" 2018

Man playing a cello to the left, another man crouching down with his hand in large square pool of water, with reflected patterns of the pool projected onto the top right of the image, showing beautiful patterns of light off the water.
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River Song Series

An art exhibition of photograms at the River Garage Studios exploring the interaction of water and light, part of the artist-in-residence in the project ‘Art in the Park | Kearsney Interpreted’ curated by Dover Arts Development (DAD) and commissioned by Dover District Council.

Photogram of the shadow of a swan swimming through water
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River Song Event

Music & Light Symbiosis No. 2 | River Song Swans | Water | Music | Light Kearsney Abbey & River Garage Studio, 13.10.18. Curated by Kate Beaugié. A woman dressed as a swan leads us down the pristine River Dour past a cellist playing Bach by the river's edge, to the River Garage Studios, where an […]

Film still shows Louise Hughes performing as the swan as she walks along the Kearsney Abbey riverbank next to real-life swans
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"Absolutely beautiful."
Edmund De Waal